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Atlas 2.0 and AtlasX Upgrades!

Innovation and improvement is a driving factor in any technology field or research area. It is an important way to push the boundaries of what is possible. This is particularly important in rapidly developing industries such as the renewable energy generation and storage industry TESUP finds itself a part of. As a result, TESUP is strongly committed to a continuous improvement approach to TESUP products. This innovation and research is led by a local workshop which has been recently producing some very promising work! One of the many current focuses of the workshop has been making improvements to the popular TESUP turbine, the TESUP AtlasX vertical turbine. This turbine is a staple TESUP product and has so much potential to be improved! TESUP engineers have been developing the turbine to be better in many ways and TESUP is now ready to show some of these improvements off!

Vertical Wind Turbines Power

The first major improvement is to the turbine, as well as the Atlas 2.0 turbine are getting an upgrade to their generators! The new generators are specifically designed with vertical wind turbines such as the AtlasX and Atlas 2.0 in mind and are capable of generating 220-240 Volts even at low speeds, reaching an overall capacity of 3-4 kW! A great jump in potential power compared to previous iterations of the turbine at 2kW. To commemorate these great changes the Atlas 2.0 will become the Atlas 4.0! These generators will sit in a casing produced from a siliceous sheet material. With these new improvements the turbines will generate more power at every spinning speed.