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This is an important day for all people, but we in TESUP cherish this day especially.

From this article you will learn about Earth Day history and why do we need to celebrate it.

We know from our daily life how human activity impacts the nature. Even being a part of complicated nature system, we only recently have realized how damageable our presence on the Earth could be.

Why it concerns you?

The environmental issues directly connected to energy generation and consumption such as air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal. The emission of air pollutants from fossil fuel burning is the main reason of air pollution.

So every time we use electricity to charge our phones, light our home even read our emails and use internet - we unconsciously became a part of long pollution chains.

Together with industrialization growth and world globalization, the level of pollution increased dramatically.

We in TESUP always say that using clean energy is much cheaper for us now and safer future generations.

This year people worldwide will celebrate the 52nd Earth Day on April 22, 2022. The theme is Invest In Our Planet.

But let’s take a look, how did we started to celebrate it?

During the 1960s, Senator Nelson paid attention and increasingly excited about the condition of the environment and the lack of governmental control and protection there. A plant or a factory could drop their toxic waste into the lake and there was nothing illegal about it. Strange, is not it?