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Interview with Professor Ball

An inspiring and informative discussion about the future of

Renewable Energy with Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research,

Innovation & Knowledge Exchange) Professor of Diagnostic

Engineering University of Huddersfield, Andrew D. Ball.

“There is lots of research to do still on the way you generate the power but I think there is more research needed to focus on how you store power and how you transfer power”

Despite its recent focus on manufacturing, TESUP always strives to keep up with the times and use the best scientific advances to further improve its products. One of the methods of such a scientific approach is our cooperation with the University of Huddersfield that is developing a new own technology based on the hardware of TESUP.

The University has been using TESUP machines for more than 4 years and now both parties are interested in long-term cooperation and developing the best ways to improve products.

There are 3-4 possible things that TESUP can be interested in collaborating on.

  1. Cloud monitoring system which takes data from a wind turbine installation and uploads it to the cloud, doing some processing, some interpretation, some visualisation.

  2. Developing our own quite sophisticated Wind Turbine controller with 6 layers of safety and system protection built in, which makes it very robust and reliable

  3. And finally a fully functioning Wind Turbine by simulator which is a box containing a motor which drives a wind turbine. You do not need wind blo