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TESUP Atlas2.0 blades set is available on

Keeping blades in good condition is vital for a turbine to generate its designed power. To meet our customers’ needs TESUP expands the assortment with the possibility to buy the spare parts for its products easier and faster. From now you can order the Atlas2.0 blades set which is available on

Blades inspection, maintenance and repair are critical to not only keeping a wind turbine performing properly and effectively but also in terms of ensuring a significant extension of the operational lifetime.

The wind turbine blades «catch» the wind and use it to rotate the shaft of a generator. The spinning shaft of the generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. The wings of a wind generator have the most important job of any wind turbine: How well you design your blades can greatly impact how much power your turbine produces. The blades of Atlas2.0 have modern design and great wind catchment area which enable to catch all wind flow directions. They are covered with metallic paint and quite resistant to different weather conditions.

To know more about package size and weight please refer to our sales.