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TESUP Atlas2.0 Upgraded Wind Turbine

2KWh Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Atlas2.0 has a new gear ⚙️ mechanism inside the body which causes a resistance (torque) at first. For this reason the required wind speed is 7m/s to start power generation. Nevertheless ATLAS2.0 generates power even at 3-4 m/s without stopping once it starts the rotation .

This wind turbine is equipped with a new engine which increases power efficiency ⚡3.7 times.

Besides Atlas2.0 has the improved steel blades. The wide and strong blades catch all directions of the wind flows.

Tips ⬇️

Bonus Tips

- Installation videos and user manuals are available on the TESUP Website and all TESUP's web channels

- The main principle for choosing the distance between the turbines in parallel connection is to catch the good wind direction for all units

- For each wind turbine you need a separate wind charge controller either it is a grid or battery connection

- The spare parts are available