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What is AC power?

As you read the TESUP turbine descriptions you may notice that TESUP’s turbines all produce AC power, but what does that mean?

AC power stands for Alternating Current power, this is opposed to DC power or Direct Current.

Direct Current is the more simple form of power: A constant voltage signal which is the result of electrons in a wire moving one after another. DC power is preferable for use in household electronics as it provides more consistent power to the device. This is why most of your devices will have a DC power converter from the socket at the wall.

AC power

AC power is the type of power transmission used by national grids and electricity suppliers. It is the signal generated by electrons moving backwards and forwards in a wire. The signal itself consists of a simple sine wave, where the voltage cycles between positive and negative. Depending on how many phases of sine waves are used, the signal will be a combination of overlapping sine waves. Generally the more different phases a signal has, the more stable the voltage of the signal.