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Your step by step guide to buying a wind turbine!

Many people wish to improve their sustainability and reduce their overall impact on the environment. Renewable energy production at home is a great way to reduce your emissions and even save some money on your electricity bills. Installing domestic renewable energy systems can be a large investment, leaving some unsure of how to approach the installation, becoming worried and getting cold feet. If you too are one of these people, today is your lucky day! Here is your TESUP step by step instructional guide to buying a wind turbine. It goes through a few things to consider when looking into installing a wind turbine for your home or business and how to get the most out of your turbine setup!

Power Independence

Step 1: The first step for a prospective wind turbine owner is to simply imagine owning a wind turbine. I know this might sound silly but envisioning a wind turbine installed on your property and all the benefits it might bring is a great step in ensuring a wind turbine is a good fit for you. Imagine the sense of generating your very own electricity would bring you, the sense of accomplishment in producing electricity! As well as being safe in the knowledge that you are helping to reduce emissions, reducing your effect on the environment.

You can also think of the tangible benefits. Through generating your own power you can sell electricity directly to the grid, profiting from your turbine. Even if you don’t choose to take this route, the money saved by not paying the grid for your electricity will be great to have. This is especially true for the current energy markets which have seen higher and higher electricity prices around the world. You can avoid this kind

of politically motivated market forces by simply becoming

independent from the grid, giving you the peace of mind that as long as the wind blows you will have power!

Wind Turbine Sizing

Step 2: Start researching turbines to get a general idea of how big a turbine might be and how it could fit into your property. Make sure to scout your property and consider different locations the wind turbines could be installed. Consider a range of mounting options, many people mount their wind turbines to the roof of their properties, many people also opt to mount their wind turbines on mounting poles in an open space on their property. Which is best for your application depends on your local planning laws and space availability.